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We are digitizing Africa Education System by unleashing the power of Technology and Data
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Using modern technologies such as AI, VR, Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning. Reachout Now

For Students

We provide relevant and interactive digital learning content for students in secondary schools in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For Teachers

You can streamline & monitor individual students progress and earn extra income teaching online with us.

For Governments

Education stakeholders and government get access to our realtime collected user behaviours data for decision making.
Who are we?

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Golden years we’ve passed!

Well, to put it bluntly, We are just a bunch of technology nerds who love teaching!

Based in Arusha, Tanzania and Hong Kong, China we are a digital learning company, making quality & relevant secondary education accessible to all by leveraging the power of Technology and Data. Our solutions use modern technologies such as AI, VR, Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning to provide the best learning experience to students in secondary schools in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering real-time digital education data to education stakeholders while lowering the cost and time spent in setting up e-Learning infrastructure by offering off the shelf, tested and individually customized e-Learning solutions.

Getting Access to our Learning Solutions

Everything we build has African learners unique challenges in mind!

Offline Learning Mi-Fi, Tablets & USBs

You don't have Fancy technologies or Reliable Internet at Home or School? No worries our OFFLINE packages have all the content needed to make learning interesting at your comfort.

Online Learning Mobile App

Do you have all the fancy gadgets? Computers, Smartphones or Tablets with cool access to the internet then get access anytime anywhere from our Web Platform and Mobile App.
The Reason

Why we do all these?

There are 65 Million secondary school-aged children who are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa. Even for those who got a chance to get into school, the education system does not prepare them for the job market.

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We believe the challenge we are addressing needs all hands on deck.